“Travels to a Different Time”: 14July1975: Dombas Norway: Hopefully not Gangrene: Travelling with the Souvenir Salesman

A restless night as had to sop up water in my leaking tent with my bathing suit. A lull in the rain enabled me to take down my tent and then it started to belt again. As the Zambian and Aussie girls were sleeping I had to find shelter under a tree until they woke up. One of the Aussie girl’s leg looked ugly which meant they had to drive back to Trondheim for medical attention so we said good-bye. Hopefully it is not gangrene and there will be no need to amputate. In 10 minutes a lift with a souvenir salesman, wife and two children. It was but a 30 km lift. It was so cold up 2000 feet in the mountains. The next lift was with the Zambian and the Aussie girls. I got a lift to the youth hostel in Dombas. After camping out in the wild the youth hostel seemed like luxury. Met a Dane and we went for a spin on his motorcycle through Dombas. A tourist trap full of gaudy souvenir shops but ignore them and you have a spectacular view of the mountains. We are up at 2,500 feet. Back to the youth hostel for a swig of duty-free vodka the Dane had purchased. Off to bed at 22:00.

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